Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Chocolate chip cookies are popular worldwide for their exquisite taste. They are sweet delicacies that originated in United States. All across the globe, there are numerous bakeries that sell their own version of chocolate chip cookies.

However, there are very few of them which have been able to master the complex art of creating perfect chocolate chip cookies.

Just about anyone can mix the ingredients to create this particular type of cookie. However, getting the taste and texture right is no easy task. This challenging task has only been mastered by a handful of chefs in the world.

One such decorated chef and artisan baker is Mr. Nelson of Mr. Nelson’s Cookies. The extraordinary taste and texture of his cookies have made him famous across the country.

An expert in not just baking these delicious cookies but also in wrapping and packaging, Mr. Nelson has received a lot of praises from some of the best food critics in the country.

Though the bakery is located in Gold Canyon, Arizona, anyone in the country can get a taste of these cookies as they are available online. His renowned handcrafted cookies are ‘what perfection tastes like’.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are several versions of this particular type of cookie that Mr. Nelson is known to create. One specific type that has garnered a lot of attention, from customers as well as a food expert and critiques, is the one that is gluten free.

These handcrafted cookies also make an incredible gifting item. Be it a family event or a corporate one, you can get custom-made chocolate chip cookies from Mr. Nelson’s Cookies.

The dense texture and the delicious taste of these cookies have turned this formally-trained chef into a national phenomenon. He has also been featured on different news channels and food blogs.

Apart from that, the artisan baker has also been praised for using effective techniques and making cookies that contain no added chemical preservatives.

The gluten free cookies are particularly popular as they are extremely healthy and taste incredible as well. While there are countless bakeries that serve chocolate chip cookies, there are very few of them that make gluten free ones.

Health-centric baking ability of this star chef has made his gluten free cookies famous all over the country. Furthermore, these cookies are reasonably-priced.

Numerous people place online orders for these cookies and get them delivered at their doorsteps.

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